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Maple Dome with Shank

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Five pack of 1/2″ diameter hand crafted hard maple nuts & bolts with rounded heads and shanks. These wooden nuts & bolts are finished with Danish oil, imparting a beautiful luster and tone. When using these nuts & bolts for exterior applications apply an “on-top” finish after fastening them in place, such as a polyurethane or varnish to protect against water damage over time.

Stronger than oak and with finer pores, Maple is a strong and resilient wood. Use maple wood bolts to substitute metal bolts in a majority of applications.

Hex heads and nuts are sized to allow the use of 3/4″ box wrenches and sockets. Bodies have 3/4″ shank for extra strength in high load applications.

Bolts are made with trapezoidal (squared) threads for extreme holding strength. Threads will not wear down over time as would triangular threads and will hold strongly with no need for washers.

See photo for specific Dimensions.