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  • 1 2in Poplar Bolts and Nut
  • 2inPop Dim
  • 3 2in Nut and Bolt Poplar
  • 4 2in Poplar Pile
  • 5 2in Bolt and Nut on Poplar
  • 6 3qrter box wrench and bolt

Poplar Wood Nuts and Bolts 1/2″ (5 Pack) Flat Head

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Five pack of hand crafted Poplar Wood nuts & bolts.

Poplar is on the softer side of woods and are suggested for use in applications where beauty is the goal, not strength. Poplar has a unique grain and color. These pieces are left unfinished to leave their original color undisturbed. Apply finish after use as desired.

Hex heads allow for use of box wrenches and sockets. Heads and nuts are sized for 3/4″ sockets or wrenches. Bolts themselves are 1/2″ diameter

Bolts are approximately three inches overall.

Bolts are designed with trapezoidal (squared) threads for extreme holding strength. Threads will not wear down over time and will hold strongly with no need for washers.

2-1/4″ Long
1/2″ Diameter
3/8″ Thick Bolts
2″ Long (Threaded)
3/4″ Head/Nut Diameter